Declaration of data protection


During its activity, Service Provider will pay especially great attention to protection of personal data. It will manage the personal data made available to it in compliance with the effective law provisions in each case, provide their safety and take the technical and organisational measures and establish the rules of procedures necessary for observing the relevant provisions of law.
This declaration of data protection will relate to all services of the web site (including the services achieved or used online, or used through any other platform or device).

1. Data collection

Data handling may take place exclusively with your consent. The personal data provided by you voluntarily and your user data will be used exclusively for booking accommodation and promotion in accordance with the Act on data protection (Act CXII/2011). The data will not be forwarded to any third party!

The data can be delivered to any third party exclusively with your express consent granted previously.

2. What personal data do we ask and how are these processed?

a. Data without name

When visiting our web sites, you can search freely and without giving your name on our generally accessible sites. We will use your visit without name exclusively for optimizing our web appearance and increasing the system security; these recorded data will not use any personal data. Only the domain name, the IP address and your browser’s type will be recorded. The web sites from where you get to us and those visited through us will also be recorded automatically. These pieces of information will be stored for 2 weeks. We cannot find out your person or user profile from these data. You as a private user will remain completely unanimous. Furthermore, we will not follow your browsing.

b. Personal data to be processed

We will ask your personal data when you place an order or subscribe to a newsletter. This is the only case when we will process your personal data.

When you make a booking, please give the following data when completing the online data sheets: name, telephone number, e-mail address, fax number and address. These data are necessary for processing and finalizing your booking (e.g. sending the e-mail confirming your booking). We will manage the data until the purpose of data handling is achieved, but not later than the end of operation of the web site.

When subscribing to our newsletter, please give your following data: name, e-mail address.

We will publish the name of winner drawn in our prize game each month on our web site.

3. For what purpose will we ask your personal data?

We ask your personal data for your identification and will use them for the arrangement of the booking. When subscribing to our newsletter, we will record your data in our newsletter list.

4. When will we ask your personal data?

We will record your personal data at the time of placing an order or subscribing to our newsletter. We will not record any data until that time so you can review our services without giving your name.

5. Who will access to the personal data?

Your data will be accessible to our colleagues when they process and arrange your case. We have drawn their attention that they may use the personal data exclusively for the legal fulfilment of the actual task and that their obligation to keep secrecy will continue to exist following the completion of the activity. In addition, our colleagues know the regulations concerning the data protection; they are obliged to protect and keep secrecy of data and have become aware of the legal consequences in the event of their violation.

Personal data may be delivered to a third party only in the cases strictly regulated by the law provisions.

6. What rights do the users have with regard to their personal data?

We draw their attention to the rights set forth in the Act on data protection, so especially:

a. Right to get information

According to the Act on data protection, they will have the right to ask information about their data recorded by us.

b. Right to make an objection

According to the Act on data protection, they will have the right to cancel/restrict the unpermitted data and correct the mistaken data. However, this request may not affect the invoicing and accounting data.

c. Correction, cancellation and restriction

According to the Act on data protection, they have the right to restrict the use of their data for the purpose of promotion, market research or public opinion poll.

d. Right to seek remedy

If you do not agree with the handling of your data, then you can make a statement at the National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information (22/c, Szilágyi Erzsébet fasor, Budapest, 1125).

We draw your attention to Section (5), §6 of the Act on data protection, that:
„If the data are recorded with the consent of the concerned person, then the data handler will be allowed to handle the recorded data – if not regulated otherwise in a law provision – without further specific consent of the concerned person and following the withdrawal of the concerned person’s consent
a) for the purpose of meeting the legal obligation relevant to it, or
b) for the purpose of enforcing the rightful interest of the data handler or a third person if the enforcement of this interest is proportionate to the restriction of the right concerning the protection of personal data.”

7. How will we ensure the observation of the Act on data protection and other relevant law provisions?

We assure you that in accordance with the provisions of the Act on data protection we will take all necessary technical and organisational measures for protecting your personal data.

8. Contact

Geotherm Üdülő Kft will be responsible for handling of personal data. The company’s registered office is at 25, Mátyás király sétány, Hajdúszoboszló, 4200.

If you have any remark or proposal concerning this declaration of data protection, please contact us via the e-mail address