Silver Club

Silver Club**** is new service of Hotel Silver****

You have the possibility to provide perfect leisure for you, your family, friends or partners at a very favourable price.

If you are satisfied with the services and standard of Hotel Silver**** and you would like to come back for a week in every year, take the advantages of our offer.

Choose your favourite room and provide for your holiday for more years in advance, under more favourable conditions than valid prices at present.

You may spend 140 days in our hotel, and you may pay less for the same services!

Maximum available period is 20 years, but you are able to exploit the pleasure of holiday provided by your disposable days in shorter time: you may book more rooms at the same time, if you come with more friends or relatives of you - you might spend your nights within 3 years.

We hope you like our new service and you see these fantastic advantages of our offer. If you do, please contact us to inform you about details.

Join to the Silver Club**** !!!

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